Reasons to LOVE Loved Luxury...
Loved Luxury, the online destination for authentic pre-owned luxury designer goods. Founded by the motivation to have a place where online shoppers can buy authentic designer items, Loved Luxury aims for a hassle-free shopping experience and intends to give 100% customer satisfaction.

Loved Luxury offers handbags, wallets and other leather goods from top designers such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Balenciaga and many more. Just choose from their wide inventory, which have all been guaranteed authenticity and comes with hassle-free returns. Loved Luxury wants to give customers the same level of customer service as major boutiques.

Loved Luxury ships worldwide, except for Italy, Spain, Germany, South America and France due to custom policies.

There are three ways to sell your pre-owned designer items: Consignment, Direct Buying, and Trading.

Want to get cash for those bags left in the closet? With Loved Luxury’s hassle-free consignment process, consigning has never been easier. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Fill out the Sell to Us form on
2. Within 1-2 business days, Loved Luxury will give you a quote at top dollar for your luxury items.
3. Once price is agreed, Loved Luxury will give shipping address for you to ship the bags.
4. Once received Loved Luxury will authenticate and list up in a few days.
5. Once sold, you will receive payment within 1 business day.

Consignment is when you send your bags to Loved Luxury to get bought by visitors of Loved Luxury. Once the item is bought you will receive payment within 1-2 business days.

With Loved Luxury, consignment rates start from as low as 15% if the item is sold for more than $3500+, 20% if the item is worth $2000 to $3499 and 25% for items from $399 to $1999.

Direct buying is when Loved Luxury offers to buy your luxury items outright, without waiting. This method is beneficial when you need the cash immediately. To be able to avail this service just fill out the Sell To Us form and Loved Luxury will give you a quote.

This unique service is where customers can get credit to spend in the store. The customer can get 10-15% more value than cash.

And there you have it!

To view the current listings and learn further information, visit Loved Luxury at http://www.lovedluxury.comYou can email them at or