Duo Qatar - Coverage

Just a quick 50 min flight from Dubai we touched down in Doha, Qatar for the first time! Awaiting us at the Hotel was a lunch by the pool with the lovely New York based stylist Haya Maraka. Time flew by and our lovely chat had to come to an end. After getting all dolled up for the Duo event we all headed down to the lobby and outside awaited us our lovely driver for the rest of our trip Matthew.
Once we finaly got to the venue and walked inside and saw all of the many beautiful/creative abayas we knew we were in the right place! Qatari women sure do have taste! 
We were lucky enough to meet some lovely ladies while there. Noora Al Thani who was handling the PR for the event, Hend Al Qassemi of Sharjah and of course Duo team Fatma and Amna Al Misned who also took us to the Les Deux Magots at the Pearl. Fatma and Amna were kind enough to take us out again the next day with their friends, everyone was so welcoming and hospitable we weren't sure we even wanted to leave! but of course all good things must come to an end...overall - a wonderful trip.
We did however have quite the experience on our very last day in Doha... quite the traumatic experience I must say. So being the last day in this lovely place, we decided to go for a spin around town, so Matthew our driver took us out for the last time. Later on our way back to the hotel we realized we were being followed by two men for more than 20 minutes!  With us being so creeped out we had Matthew take us back to the Hotel where the two men continued to followed us. Me, Jen and Haya were literally running through the halls of Ritz Carlton hotel in hopes of finding a way to hide from these two men, we went and hid in the bathroom for more than 15 minutes, and right when we opened the door to the lobby the two men were standing just meters away from us and smiling in the most creepiest way! So what did we do? We ran to the elevators, hid back in our room and stayed there. lol.

Haya in New York based brand threeASFOUR with some amazing Alaia shoes.
With a wish upon a star from Louis Armstrong, the show began on Nov. 3, duo’s first fashion line. The occasion was held in the black box at the Hamad Bin Khalifa University Student Center, in Education City in Qatar. The Vanity Room51 EastThe Planner and ARA – Art of Makeup sponsored the event. Evening dresses, jumpsuits, put-on casual daily blazers and a variety of designs paraded down the ebony stage, as the music continued to transcend with its techno beat, playing along a modern version of classics that parallels their fashion break in.