VELVET Magazine

Velvet Magazine team is pleased to announce the launch of their premier issue. Despite only being launched at the mid of February, the bi-monthly magazine has already amassed a great degree of content. The magazine currently boasts 150 pages of high end, quality of fashion, art, beauty, events and much more. This magazine is for those who have a keen interest in fashion and lifestyle and everything associated with it. The clear and precise layout of the magazine means that it reflects that of a high-end magazine and provides the reader with a greater degree of convenience.
The magazine not only notifies the reader of the key trends that are emerging within the fashion industry but also gives them an insight into how to be a part of those looks. In addition to this the reader is privy to information about the latest collections from the hottest designers as well as insider gossip from all the best fashion events. Velvet Magazine has something to suit everyone, from those who need the must have designer purchase of the season to those who are more interested in stories of the designers, Velvet Magazine has it all. "

Founded, owned and run by the Editor In Chief herself Sheikha Hend Al Qasemmi, Velvet magazine will be the new must have mag!! We can’t wait, we have seen previews and we must say it seems promising!!! There are a lot of magazines out in the Middle East that just don’t get it (the majority of them) but Velvet is definitely one of them that seems to have gotten it, and will keep it! Thanks to Sh.Hend Al Qasemmi we have something exciting to look forward to! (And can use our credit cards 100% guilt free!!)
So far from what we have heard, Sh.Hend has worked hard and has taken her job as the founder and Editor In Chief seriously, and put together a fabulous team to bring us all something marvelous!....The pressure is on, we shall wait impatiently!

For now here is a glimpse of what is to come...

OK, she is gorgeous! Not a bad pick at all for a first Issue.

*Brilliant fashion coverage*

*Fabulously inquisitive interviews*
(Ed Westwick)

* Ferocious editorials*

Well congratulations to Sheikha Hend Al Qasemmi and the rest of the Velvet team, It looks like you may have came up with something phenomenal...we just have to wait and see to make the final confirmation, fingers crossed!!!