What the **** (you fill in the blank) is she wearing!!

Beyonce attended the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Idaho wearing something, well to put it as nice as possible...Horrible.

Beyonce pretty much always looks amazing when she’s on the stage, the red carpet or even walking the streets, but we don’t know what she was thinking when she put this on. Maybe she’s a VERY kind person and her stylist was having a bad day and she didnt want to make it worse by refusing that "outfit"? If that’s the case then Beyonce is extremely kind...maybe a little too kind.

Then while we were on the oh so popular, Perez Hiltons website (http://www.perezhilton.com/) we happen to come across something quite similar...

Lindsay Lohan doing the usual, (partying it up) wearing something very similar to what Beyonce had on!

What a horrible coincidence, we aren’t that surprised when it comes to Lindsay, well because you know all her problems and stuff she’s going through right now, But Beyonce?? tisk tisk tisk

Either they need to fire their styalist, OR fire their styalist.

What do you think of Beyonce’s and Lindsay’s choice of attire?

Ever wanted to intern at Versace? And meet Donatella? Well now's your chance...BUT!!!

But of course you have to win a bidding war against the fashionistas around the world! You can start bidding here http://www.charitybuzz.com/catalog_items/20567

They are offering a semester long internship at the Versace offices in New York and 2 tickets to a Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane show in Milan. You even get to meet Donatella herself backstage at the Versace show, you also get a signed fragrance and T -shirt!!

Who started Bidding????

Season 7's Project Runway Winner is....Seth Aaron Henderson!

Seth Aaron’s collection was inspired by 1940s German and Russian/Soviet military attire.

project runway season 7 winner
We think this is just tooo much! It looks like it was inspired after a chess board.
just waaay to much.
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
We aren’t a huge fan of the whole yellow plaid thing ether, we certainly did not love it but we didn’t hate it either! Besides that everything else (excluding the first design pic) seems to be right on point!
But the Question is did he deserve to win? Do you think his collection was actually worthy of winning?

Jimmy Choo "Zap" Sandals!

Recently there has been so much buzz about this new sandals that Jimmy Choo designed earlier last month. The sandals light up as you walk , but there is a hefty price tag for it! it will cost you around 2500$ for these heels!!!...IS IT WORTH IT??


Previewing Zac Posen's New Target Line

A sneak peak of Zac Posen for Target His first Collaboration with Target

What do you think of the Dresses?

Who Do You Think Will Be The Next ANTM??

Americas Next Top Model (ANTM) was created by former super model and T.V personality Miss Tyra Banks. It has been one of the most successful shows in America and has also been launched in over 50 countries around the world including Dubai! Now we made this post to see who you think will be the winner of Cycle 14, even if you haven't watched the show we want your opinion on who looks the best and which one of them deserves the title!!!

In our opinion the winner is without a doubt Raina!! She is Beautiful, Exotic looking and our guess is that she will be the most successful out of all the other contestants as a model in the near future, probably even more successful than the past top model winner!!

ANTM-Cycle-14-Contestants.jpg image by ablogaboutthings


raina.jpg image by sobriquetzzz




Dsqaured "SKELETON HEELS"!!!

I know were a bit late but we could not resist not posting this , during the short Milan Fashion Week DeanDan Caten of DSquared showed off these amazing inspired skeleton heels.

What Do You Think?

Our New Favorite Magazine!!!

Our Favorite New Magazine (well one of them) is Unfair Magazine. On the April issue of Unfair Magazine we couldn’t help but notice that the beautiful dress on the model was one of UAE's own fashion designers Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi from his S/S 2010 Collection. So pick the magazine up if you get a chance!!

Also 2 of our favorite bloggers are featured in the magazine, Nia Beazer from Dubaisitgirl.blogspot.com and Tala Elle Samman from Myfashdiary.blogspot.com ;-)

So when you get your copy, or already have one tell us what you think of Unfair Magazine?

Amanda Seyfried Pulled an Angelina!!!

Amanda Seyfried attended the premiere of "Mother and Child" in a back-to-front Bodyamr fall 2010 frock. Seyfried decided to wear her Bodyamr dress backwards!..risky risky!! Maybe she was trying to be creative?...RISKY! lol. We personally think that she ruined the dress by wearing it backwards, and also if you take a look at where the zipper stops it’s completely awkward.

If you remember last year there was a lot of buzz about Angelina Jolie who attended The 2009 SAG awards in a Max Azria spring 2009 gown only to be wearing the dress backwards, but later her stylist commented by saying Jolie wanted to make the dress "more blouson".
But anyway we think the dress still looks gorgeous on her, although doesn't Angelina look gorgeous in pretty much everything she wears!?

So what do you think of Amanda's decision to wear the dress backwards?

Takin our shades off to get a better look at that Star!!!

OK so we had planned to do a few more mini bios on “The Big Names" in the industry, but that was kinda getting a little boring!
So now we are going to move on to some other interesting stuff, like…..the Celebs!!!

Celebrities have a great influence when it comes to fashion/style, that's one of the reasons why a lot of the times they are the faces of many top design labels, duh!! Celebs are some of the ones who start certain trends, and yes sometimes we follow!! So that's why we want to move towards that direction and put the spotlight on that specific part of fashion. Sometimes the trends pass and sometimes they just don't! So there will be of course trends and styles that we Love, Like and Hate!
Although they may be a celebrity, star and significantly famous or whatever, that sure doesn't mean they can get away with just anything LOL!

The creative director, Grace

Grace Coddington is the creative director of American Vogue magazine. But! Before that she started at the bottom and worked her way to the top like everyone else….

At a young age Grace had always been interested in fashion, but due to where she lived (some place in North Wales) and the life she led as a teen, her only connection to fashion was ordering Vogue magazine. Later Grace entered a Vogue modeling competition and due to her unique looks she won. She then moved to London to pursue her modeling career and ended up working with all the major photographers of the time. Graces’ modeling career ended when she was involved in a car accident at the age of 28, but although her modeling career was over, that didn’t stop grace from staying in the industry. She ended up getting a job as junior fashion editor for British Vogue, and rather than being in the photo she worked on the magic she could do with the photo. Grace worked at British Vogue for 19 years, and then temporarily worked as the creative director for Calvin Klein, after that she finally moved to American Vogue.
Grace started working at American Vogue the same day as Anna Wintour in 1988, (little did they know that they would later become). Six years past and Coddington became the creative director of the fashion magazine.
Grace has been known as Anna Wintours right hand woman and is considered one of the best fashion stylists in the industry.

André Leon Talley - Vogue's Fashion editor

André Leon Talley is the former editor at large of American Vogue magazine, he was recently given a new title (a step down) as contributing editor due to him wanting to do more freelance projects.
Andre has always been known for sitting front row at the biggest fashion shows for many years. He is very influential in the fashion industry and uses that influence to promote new up and coming designers and young talents as well. As of November 2009 André was confirmed to be a judge on the hit television program America's Next Top Model, and it is said that he has signed on to serve as judge for at total of 4 cycles.

Check out the video below to find out a little more about what he does and who he is.
He even talks the September Issue! ;-)

The Big People

For our next few post we want to list some of the biggest names in fashion!

We will start off with of course the biggest and the most powerful / influential woman in the fashion industry, none other than Anna Wintour! The Editor in chief of American Vogue magazine, Anna has been working at Vogue since 1988. She was the first person to start putting celebrities on magazine covers and also introduced the use of fur to magazines. She was also the influence behind the spectacular movie The Devil Wears Prada, Where Meryl Streep portrayed Anna as the editor in chief of Runway Magazine.
Another reason why she is the most powerful person in the fashion industry? Well one of her latest stunts was when it was made public that Anna Wintour would only be attending for three days of Milan Fashion Week. That resulted in several top designers contacting Fashion Week officials to change their times. In other words, Milan's Fashion Week was rearranged just to fit around Anna's schedule. Were the people of Milan happy about that? Nope! But when it comes to the fashion world Anna can do just about anything she wants, and get away with it.

"The September Issue"

Better late then never!

To start off, I think that anyone who wants to work in the fashion industry, anyone who wants to be apart of the fashion world or anyone that just loves fashion, should watch the “September issue” and “Valentino:The Last Emperor” both films go deep into the world of fashion in the biggest and busiest times of the year. They bring you back to how the fashion world used to be and how some of the biggest names in fashion got to where they are now. These films also really give you a good taste of what it’s really like behind the scenes of the fashion world. The things they go through including all of the stress, frustration, denial, and so much more to provide you with their final outcome…perfection.

Valentino: The Last Emperor

To talk more about the Valentino documentary…it is inspiring! If you haven’t watched it yet you should. Because it shows all the hard work that he has done for over 50 years. We were actually shocked by how many celebs and royalties made a cameo in the film seeing as though it wasn’t a very publicized documentary. One of our favorite parts was when Valentino invited his exclusives to his villa such as; Joan Collins, Anna Wintour, Gwyneth Paltrow and Empress Farah Pahlavi, and of course the list just goes on.

So when you watch it let us know what you think we love to hear what you though of it!

Come have a seat!

Bonjour! and Hello! Welcome to our escape! Here you will find FASHION whether it’s on the runway, on the red carpet, or on the street! We will post the things we like, love, and hate! Yes of course our posts will be of our opinion but we want to know what you think as well, whether you agree or absolutely disagree. Because you must remember fashion design is art, what may be a complete mess in ours or your eyes may be a masterpiece in someone else’s.
So all thats left is....Lights, Camera, and Action!! Lets get this show started. ;-)